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In January 2001, the Greater Eastern Oregon Development Corporation developed a Telecommunications Plan for counties throughout Eastern Oregon to address the telecommunications needs of the region and to explore opportunities that would stimulate economic development, translating into new opportunities and growth for the commercial and industrial sectors in the area. Specifically, the Telecommunications Plans had the following objectives:

  • Summarize the existing county telecommunications infrastructure and usage
  • Identify opportunities for improving telecommunications services
  • Recommend priorities for action in forthcoming years

The county Telecommunications plans that were developed out of this process recognized the tremendous social and economic benefit that robust fiber optic networks would bring to the area and offered several recommendations to foster growth in the telecommunications sector.

These plans also specifically recommended that "intra-county high-speed networks" be completed "to provide route diversity and connectivity for education, health care and industrial usages throughout the region".

Under the leadership umbrella of the Port of Morrow, Morrow County and Morrow Development Corporation, countywide networks were initially developed to serve the local needs of the public sector entities. As these networks expanded in the last several years into additional counties across Eastern Oregon, a reorganization process was completed bringing all of the network infrastructure assets under the operational control of Inland Development Corporation.

In stepping to the forefront of these development activities, Inland Development has taken a leadership role in deploying broadband services to communities within 8 Eastern Oregon counties, with plans to grow into and assist even more.

Inland Development Corporation is (IDC) is registered as a Not-for-Profit 501C(4) Corporation organized exclusively for the "promotion of social welfare" through activities including (but not limited to) economic development, public safety, education, health care and the advancement of critically needed public infrastructure development.

Our Mission:

To construct and deliver network solutions that provide critical fiber optic infrastructure for advancements in health care, education, safety, and to promote economic sustainability to underserved communities.

Our Vision:

To provide access to innovative fiber technology solutions to rural and underserved areas, promote advancements in health and education, and drive economic development, in order to improve the lives of our friends, neighbors, and communities.

We've taken a leadership role in deploying broadband services
to communities in Eastern Oregon


As the world changes and demands for high bandwidth applications become more and more necessary for the operations of public ventures and the growth of regional economies, it has become ever more crucial for public, education, and health and safety entities to evaluate new transport technologies to operate effectively and take full advantage of new resources.

Inland Development Corporation offers a high-density, fully owned and operated fiber optic network to help underserved communities and public services meet these new demands in a cost effective manner. We continue to expand, scale and invest in our network, in order to provide a highly reliable, secure and scalable platform to meet the needs of today. Inland, along with Windwave, builds, installs, and maintains its own network, allowing for faster deployment and emergency response times overall.

Inland provides custom fiber services, with an understanding of the unique requirements of our customer's needs, and through leveraging our network assets to develop cost-effective solutions. We know that every circumstance is different and that having a custom solution provides our customers with the network diversity and assurance that they need.

No matter what the challenges are, we work with you to find the right service for your organization. Large or small, Inland Development can help you find an innovative and cost-effective solution and customize it to your specific entity's needs.

Dark Fiber
Dark Fiber

Dark Fiber is a secure and cost-effective private platform enabling businesses to maintain complete control of their network and the ability to have virtually-unlimited dedicated bandwidth. Dark Fiber provides you with the capacity for cost-effective scaling, high-bandwidth applications, uninterrupted connectivity, and private, secure networking for critical data.


Wavelength service is fully managed, private point-to-point transport service delivered over our fiber optic network. For large bandwidth consumers, Wavelength service offers an efficient cost profile while minimizing customer capital and necessary expertise. Our Wavelength service can seamlessly carry your mission-critical traffic, including voice, internet, data, and video, while being tailored to fit the customer's specific usage needs.


Windwave reaches hundreds of business locations through a combination of access capabilities. With these options, Windwave makes Ethernet the most practical, cost-effective solution for extending your local and Wide Area Network. Enable and manage your own applications, across town or across the country, just like you manage your office network.

Internet Access

Windwave's Internet service provides fast, reliable Internet access at a reasonable price. We offer a variety of flexible services to customize a solution for your business needs. Our network has diverse routing with geographically distributed peering to other backbone providers, in order to provide the fewest network hops possible. Windwave consistently monitors its networks to prevent congestion. If traffic approaches peak utilization, we build in more capacity, to deliver a best-in-class service.

Universal Service Fund

Inland Development is a certified service provider with the Universal Service Administrative Company and we deliver "Eligible" services. The Universal Service Fund was established to help schools, libraries, health care providers, and low income citizens gain access to affordable telecommunications. Recent legislative changes have created the Healthcare Connect Fund. Contact to find out more information and determine the eligibility of your organization.


Technology is an integral aspect of modern healthcare today. One that offers industry professionals invaluable tools for providing the best care for their patients. Sharing medical data, images, and patient records enables patient care to happen in real time. With improved network interconnectivity, healthcare providers can schedule appointments with greater ease, more efficiently assess the long term needs of their patients, communicate with other offices to facilitate coordinated care, and save lives through interconnectivity with real time emergency response programs like the Telestroke Network.

Advancing technology and connectivity solutions for underserved health care entities has been a key aspect of Inland Development's mission from day one, and we are dedicated to improving the service and access to advanced medicine in rural and underserved areas.

Inland Development can partner with you to provide the telecommunications network solutions you need, to improve patient care and customer satisfaction. We can provide security, business continuity and disaster recovery plans. We can help you meet your expanding network demands with bandwidth scalability, network resiliency and diverse connectivity.


Inland Development Corporation understands the many challenges facing educators today. Learning institutions must leverage technology to improve efficiency and drive innovation while also maintaining a safe online environment for students. Inland provides fiber optic network connectivity solutions for K-12 and Higher Education, with these things in mind.

Advancements in technology have opened up a myriad of opportunities in Higher Education as well, impacting the way colleges and universities create, deliver, and process educational content. Colleges and universities demand network solutions able to scale with growing bandwidth demands, meet diverse student needs, and protect mission-critical data from external threats.

Because budget pressures never ease, Inland Development participates in the federally-funded E-Rate program.

Many of our products and services are authorized for E-Rate discounts available to eligible K-12 schools, community learning centers, districts, and libraries. As a Non-Profit CLEC, our services are provided at a greatly reduced rate to help you control costs, so you can put your dollars to work for your school and your students. We provide the schools with a robust high-speed network infrastructure that supports E-Learning, Distance Learning, Video Conferencing, Voice over IP, and Campus Security.

Inland Development prides itself on achieving cost effective network solutions for budget conscious school districts, as well as private and public colleges and universities across Eastern Oregon.


Governments face historical budgetary constraints. Inland Development Corporation recognizes federal, state, and local public agencies' need for cost-effective solutions, while not compromising community services. Increasingly, governments require connections to each other to share applications, data and disaster recovery/business continuity needs. Our customizable solutions for state and local governments help minimize cost, simplify processes, and enhance services.

Due to our robust dedicated and symmetrical Point to Point Access and our ability to offer services at often lower than commercial prices, Inland development provides broadband internet service to government entities across Eastern Oregon.

The public sector chooses Inland for our:

  • Easy to manage Firewall Service suited for protection of citizen data.
  • Expert 24 x 7 service personnel always ready to help.
  • A wide array of procurement options.
  • Network capabilities equal to larger carriers, but with flexibility and responsiveness they cannot achieve. Our experienced team delivers solutions that help state and local governments do more with less expense.

Our telecommunications solutions for the government sector are engineered to meet customer specifications. Inland Development prides itself on achieving cost effective network solutions for budget constrained governments across Eastern Oregon.


Press Releases

2014 Scholarship Winners Announced

The 2014 Nate Arbogast Memorial Scholarship Fund has selected 19 local high school students to receive $20,000 in scholarships to use at the college institution of their choice. The students were selected based on merit and local recommendation, and the scholarships are awarded annually.

Inland helps regional hospital save lives

In conjunction with Pioneer Memorial Hospital in Heppner, Inland Development's high speed Wave Technology used by the Providence Telestroke Network helped save a local resident from progressing into a severe stroke. Read more on how technology can help save lives here in Northeastern Oregon.

2012 Scholarship Winners Announced

The 2012 Nate Arbogast Memorial Scholarship Fund has selected 15 local high school students to receive $1,000 scholarships to use at the college institution of their choice. The students were selected based on merit and local recommendation, and the scholarships are awarded annually.

In The Community

Nate Arbogast was the founding general manager for Inland Development, who passed in 2010 after a skiing accident. The Inland Development Board created the Nate Arbogast Memorial Scholarship Fund in his honor. These scholarships are awarded annually to local high school students who show promise and diligence in their school work and extracurricular activities.

Inland Development: doing great things in your community.


Here at Inland Development Corporation, we work for you, the people of Eastern Oregon. We are always open to receiving your feedback and suggestions, as well as information on opportunities to serve in our communities.

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